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We provide comprehensive dental care, follow stringent autoclaving and sterilization procedures.
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Teeth whitening/Bleaching

Kwality Kare now uses the most advanced technique for bleaching/ teeth whitening procedure We use zoom advanced teeth whitening / bleaching
As the say goes - one visit - one hour - one dazzling smile.
If you have yellow, stained, discolored teeth, the zoom advanced, in office whitening system uses latest & best technology to whiten your teeth in one visit. Zoom whitening gel is scientifically formulated, pH balanced hydrogen peroxide that when activated by the zoom light gently penetrates teeth to remove deep stains & discoloration. With zoom advanced we get reduced sensitivity, better & faster results for our patients than ever before


Kwality Kare gives its patients a complete aesthetic solution by using crystal clear ceramic brackets by Ortho Technology.

These brackets are crystal clear & virtually disappear regardless of the tooth shade as compared to other ceramic brackets which are opaque. These are low profile brackets manufactured with innovative boron tumbling process that provide a smooth surface & rounded facial contours to greatly enhance patient comfort - our vision & mission We at Kwality Kare also bring you the latest gold plated brackets by Ortho Technology - USA for those who have affinity towards gold bringing you the " Golden Smile "


Kwality Kare is now armored with latest & best implant technology - by Nobel Biocare (Germany) Implants are fastly replacing the crowns & bridges

Nobel Biocare (Germany) are world leaders in dental implants which are made up of highest quality medical grade titanium with pores to enhance bone formation around the implants - the key to success in implants.

Crown & Bridge

Kwality Kare is now equipped to provide you the best of ceramic crowns & bridges.

Metal free ceramic (Zirconia) crowns and bridges by Cercon (Germany) LAVA & 3M - USA companies - The perfect blend of art, science & technology.

Rotary Endodontics

Kwality Kare now deploys WAVE SYSTEM for rotary endodontics by densply USA The best & most accurate endodontic system to finish the root canal procedure.

The wave system employs only one single file from start to finish - to give you the best success rate.




5.00PM TO 8.30PM

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Kwality Kare Orthodontic and Dental implant center
MIG #2, Sai Krupa, Contour Road
3rd Stage, Gokulum